I Create Strategies and Content that Give You Extra Advantage


Blogging & SEO Analysis

I will utilize the best cost-effective SEO tools to conduct a comprehensive SEO analysis.

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Why Your Restaurant Business Needs an Online Schedule Maker

Running a restaurant business in today’s fast-paced world is taxing. There are so many activities you must pay attention to as a restaurateur.

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3 Strong Reasons Why You Should Learn UX/UI Design In 2020

In a survey conducted by Forbes, UX/UI design ranked 6th on the list of 25 best paying and most sought skills for new grads and freelancers.


Keyword Research

I will research low-competition keywords that meet your customers’ personas.

Email Security Protocols for Large Businesses

Any large business that doesn’t pay real attention to cybersecurity may well be on its way to spiraling down into oblivion.

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Top CIS CSC Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity is an important aspect of business that organizations are beginning to pay attention to all over the world today.


Content Strategy

I will create custom content strategies that solve your unique content challenges.

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Service Page, Plugged-IN CPA Accounting and Tax

Specializing in advisory, accounting, audit and tax. Assisting small and medium sized businesses at every stage of their development.

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Ransomware in 2021: What Next?

Since the first ransomware attack, dubbed AIDS Trojan, in 1989, there have been numerous ransomware attacks across several industries.