I Create Content That Reaches Your Audience’s Audience

Over the past seven years, I’ve provided SEO copywriting, proofreading, copyediting, technical blog writing, academic writing, keyword research, and SEO analysis services to several clients around the world.

Following my past experience, I now have a keener focus on Content Strategy. I am a Content Strategist and Cybersecurity Enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in Sales Strategy, SEO Copywriting, and Brand Identity Management.

I have an acute interest in information security, technology, and business communication. I am fascinated by the most recent innovations and latest trends in the tech world. I love helping companies create strategies that tell their stories in a compelling way. I have a wide portfolio of content for a number of companies including RSI Security (San Diego, California), Northwest Technologies (Portland, Oregon), Plugged-IN CPA Accounting and Tax (New Brunswick, Canada), and ACCMA Accountants Ltd. (Hounslow, UK).

My vast experience gives me an edge above many others in the content creation and management landscape. Strategy is what drives, creates, manages, and delivers content effectively. With the right strategy, you can be sure to consistently maintain your brand’s cadence and deliver irresistible content to your target audience.

In recent times, I’ve created strategies that aided (and still aid) the visibility, awareness, and authority of some of the brands I work with. Specifically, my content strategy approach follows the steps below:

  • Analyze your organization’s present state to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) that impact your organization. This analysis will include SEO auditing, website engagement analysis, and keyword analysis.
  • Understand your brand’s customer personas and their buying psychology.
  • Tailor the strategy to suit your specific needs. This may include deciding to build an aggressive catalogue of long and short form blog content that increase authority, or determining what communication channels the brand should use more. It may also include deciding what content the brand should be pushing out based on their customers’ personas and buying psychology. Whatever the decision may be, your brand will get an effective content calendar and plan that will get the job done.
  • Work with your organization’s internal content team for a proper utilization of content management systems such as WordPress and HubSpot in compliance with the best SEO practices. One of the major tools that ensure this is Rank Math— a fantastic tool that gives you an extra advantage in the SEO game.
  • Suggest effective tools that aid your brand’s use of content management systems. Many brands aren’t aware of tools that can help them to effectively manage their content. One of such unpopular but amazing tools is Qurate.

As the founder of Expolitus NG, one of Nigeria’s fast-rising content and sales strategy start-ups, my core functions are in the following roles:

  • Researcher
  • SEO Specialist
  • Managing Editor
  • Content Strategist

My unique blend of strategic services positions brands anywhere in the world for increased visibility, awareness, authority, and profitability. My goal is to own quality time in your audience’s inbox.

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With