“You will die but the words you speak or spoke will live forever.” — Auliq Ice

If you must give up, give up on giving up.

Consistency is the father of perfection.

The future is the present in motion.

What you’re able to see will change your life. Sight is powerful. Sight will bring insight. Insight will bring transformation. What do you see? Go into the darkness of your life and turn on the light

Darkness is an opportunity for light to shine. Maximize your darkness.

One of the first things we learn about God in Genesis is that beauty can come out of emptiness if we dare to create. DARE TO CREATE!

You must learn the 3 Rs— Rest; Refuel; Refire. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to clear your head. It’s okay to have a time of leisure, fiesta, and siesta. REST IS AN ESSENTIAL PHASE IN THE PRODUCTIVITY CHAIN.

If you have a habit of missing your rest, you may eventually miss your best.

The best that is known is not the best that there is. Be the best that is known. Use all available media to your own favour. Control the narrative.

Be diligent. Be consistent. Be patient.

Whatever happens suddenly has been happening slowly and consistently. Before it happens suddenly, it first undergoes a process. SUDDEN IS A RESULT OF OFTEN!